Why Jaran’s

“Jaran” is a traditional Thai word derived from the word จร /Jon/ meaning to travel or to wander. We offer a wide range of healing modalities that encourage you on your own unique path.

At Jaran’s, we believe that health and pleasure create a great path in life. We honor “Jaran” from “Jaran Thongnual”, the extraordinary owner of this land. He told us that this area 200 years back at his great-grandparents’ time used to be called “Mueng San”, and 70 years ago it was called “Thung Lark Phra”, connotations are not recognized. He said this area is favorite among local Koh Phangan people to visit and look for varieties of edible and rare mushrooms when rainy season come. Right now, Jaran Thongnual lives healthfully at Chalok Ban Kao, Koh Tao, Suratthani that he and his family have settled for more than 60 years. Jaran, 86 years of age, granted this “Jaran’s” land to his oldest daughter, Penkwan, and in the year 2013, she passed this love forward to her oldest daughter, Khane.

“I vision my dream to have a place that I can do yoga among all the trees, I wish to have a small super healthy café downstairs and I wish that my place would hold together happiness of all kinds that will create smiles and love. I’m very delighted to have this opportunity to make it happen. I give my great regards to my grandpa Jaran, my grandma Montha and my mother Penkwan. I name this place “Jaran’s” to honor my beloved grandfather, to let everyone remember him forever.” – Khane Chompreeda, Jaran’s grand daughter and co-founder of Jaran’s.